Dementia & Spotify

There I was, thumbing through instagram as i waited for the printer to spit out a heap of documents, and I stumbled across a post from Playlist for Life.  I’m putting it out there that this video bought a tear to my eye…

The post showed the power of music to delight and engage people with dementia.  The founder, Sally Magnusson, talks about her mother’s description of dementia as ‘being on a long road, getting further away from myself’.

Sally found that as her mothers ability to hold a conversation declined, her ability to sing never faltered and she regain a sense of who she was through connecting to the songs.

This is Harry and Margaret’s story:

Here’s what Playlist for Life say about music for dementia:

“We have probably all experienced music which gives us ‘that flashback feeling’; when a certain song takes us back to a person, place or time whenever we hear it. That feeling is a sign that the music we are listening to is particularly deeply connected to our memories and emotions. For people with dementia it can be a lifeline.

But Playlist for Life is about far more than listening to music. It’s about creating personal connections. Helping someone to make a playlist brings people together and fosters understanding. It empowers family carers and ensures professional care is more person-centred.

It’s also great fun! Music can be shared with others, stimulating discussion and creativity, all of which helps to build mental resilience and manage the symptoms of dementia.”

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