Go Boldly – Values to live by!

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Blogs, wellness experts and advertising agencies often extoll the virtues of ‘living your values’ and we are bombarded with messages about how to be the best version of ourselves – it can be exhausting!

As a business, Reviva has values BUT we have one main difference.

Essentially, we are a group of health experts that the universe bought together in a small town in the North island of NZ.  We started working together 10 years and team member by team member, we noticed an alignment.  Our values were being lived and practised way before it become ‘a thing’!

Our team came together and talked about the qualities that are important to us in our personal lives as well as professional  and the outcome was surprising – we had very similar expectations for ourselves, our families and our work colleagues.  We learnt a lot about each other and loved seeing the similarities that we articulated.  We knew we were kindred spirits but we had never delved into the specifics!

In short, Going Boldy, Staying Connected and Giving Back are the encapsulation of our personal and professional values which give them a kind of super power! We know what to expect of each other and we know that we are committed to the same things.

We know that we are passionate about ageing positively and we want you to be as well!

Are you Going Boldly, Staying Connected or Giving Back? We love hearing from you so comment below or head to our facebook page.

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