Got a Stubborn Senior?

Are your parents looking frail?  Do they struggle getting out of the car at times?  Are they lacking strength and balance? You might answer yes to some of these questions BUT …

Do they listen to your suggestions about doing some extra exercise or getting their balance checked out?  Many of you will answer this with a resounding NO!


I hear these stories all the time.  I see it in my own clinical practice and I hear it from people around me. “My Mum /Dad/ Auntie just won’t listen to me!”.

Last month, I assessed a person in their 90’s and we took some strength and balance baseline measurements.  These showed that the person was at a moderate risk of falls and would benefit from a strength and balance programme as well as some other activities to boost their confidence walking outside.

They happily agreed to this exercise prescription and I made an appointment to pop back and bring them a personalised programme in a few days.  As I walked back to my car, the son (I’m guessing he was 75-ish) was incredulous about what he had just witnessed, “i have been telling him to do more exercise and more walking for years.  He never listens to me!  Then you suggest it and BAM – he’s keen as mustard!”.

This is so common and I always explain it in the same way.  It doesn’t matter that you are 75 years old, a retired engineer/pilot/chef/teacher or CEO of internationally famous business.  You will always be the KID in this relationship!

So along I come, suggest the very same thing that the adult son has been nagging him for years about, and I get  warm reception & great compliance – welcome to the ‘Professional Effect’. I have a degree, a flashy name badge and work specifically with people over the age of 65. Therefore, I am ultra-qualified, have way more insight into ageing than some CEO and should be listened to – in their eyes anyway!


I have made it my mission to get the ‘Professional Effect’ into the home of every senior. 

If you have a person that you love that is looking wobbly or frail but who will never listen to your suggestions, We are here to help you!  Get simple, effective and beautifully crafted exercise programmes from the positive ageing experts at Reviva.

Created by experts in aged care, easy to follow images and full of suggestions from someone other than you!

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