Housing Crisis Solution?

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Not enough affordable housing, lack of student rentals and huge price hikes for inner city rentals are all contributing to our housing crisis in our big cities, and it getting worse.

Is Homesharing the answer?

In 2016, Homeshare UK, a network of schemes in the UK, reported more than 200 active matches in cities including Leeds, Bristol and London. It’s a win-win arrangement – in return for keeping an older person company and helping around the house, a homesharer gets low-cost accommodation.

Florence is 95. She’s partially sighted, an RAF veteran, and used to be a keen tennis player.  She also has a 27-year-old housemate called Alexandra.

When Florence’s husband died she said she “desperately needed company”. She was one of nine million adults in the UK who say they are often, or always, lonely.

Florence had her first homesharer ten years ago. Since then she’s had a number of different housemates.  Alex is now able to afford to study and live in London with Florence as house-sharers.  Companionship is the key here for both of them.  Is this a solution for part of housing crisis? Can we solve loneliness at the same time?  I think so!

Watch their story to find out more.  Tell us what you think?  Should we have an NZ homeshare?

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